Friday, January 29, 2010

New birthday cards.

After Christmas...WHAM! January sneaks up on you. I barely have time to put all the year's birthdays and special occasions on my new calendar, when the first birthday of the year is upon me.

My "Delicious Birthday" birthday card was made on 1/11/2010 for my cousin Christine. Inspiration came from
this beautiful photo from Carolina Wahnish Rivera Photography of custom cupcakes (made by a friend of her's at Sonia's Sweet Perfections) that I stumbled upon. Take a look at her website and blog. She's A-mazing. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, the photo inspiration evolved to this idea of a "delicious" themed birthday card decorated with all kinds of tasty sweets. Registered & Protected
Add Image Registered & Protected

My "I Spot a Birthday" birthday card was made on 1/13/2010 for my dad's 64th birthday. In the case of this card, and most of my cards for that matter, the phrase idea came before the design. Once I had that idea in my mind, I decided I wanted lots of color and patterns, so I rummaged through my pile of scrapbook paper to find all the most lovely shades and patterns, and then went crazy cutting circles. Registered & Protected Registered & Protected

My "Dynamite" birthday card was made on 1/17/2010 for my sister's boyfriend Matt to celebrate his 25th birthday. I have been floating around the idea of making a "dynamite" themed card for awhile, and finally it came into fruition...with a BANG! Okay, that was a bit cheesy, but come on, so is the theme of the card. And that's why I like it. Registered & Protected Registered & Protected

Where oh where has January gone?

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