Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Happens When More Birthdays Pop Up?

Looking back at my blog posts, getting ready to post my most recent cards, I realized that I had completely forgotten to post a single card that I made in the month of March. And it is mid-April already! Yikes! Well, here are the cards…

This birthday card for my Aunt Rose may be the fastest card I have ever made. I think I was able to make it in less than an hour (which is very fast for me). It helped that I already had an idea sketched out, so I was ready to go. I really like how it turned out too.


My very least favorite kind of card to make are sympathy cards. Besides the obvious reasons of not being a joyous occasion to celebrate, it’s also hard to find the right colors, right words, and an acceptable design that I can make with cut paper. Not an easy task. And I have, unfortunately, made too many of these cards lately. I made this card for my boyfriend to send to his grandfather upon his grandmother’s recent passing.

UPDATE: For sale on Etsy here.

DSC06593 DSC06594

Back to happier times…more birthdays. Below are 2 more cards that I am pretty proud of how they turned out, using a few ideas that I had saved up in my sketchbook for awhile. The “Popped Up Again” card was made for Megan, a long-time friend from high school (those little popcorn kernels were fun to make, believe it or not). And the “Strut Your Stuff” card was made for my childhood babysitter, Dana.

DSC06652DSC06653 DSC06676DSC06670

At the end of March, my niece Riley turned 3!!! I can’t believe she is growing up so fast. I made her this “Cutie Pie” card to accompany the enormous box of presents (see: here and here) I sent in the mail to her, because she IS a cutie pie. I like making cards for her because she is a little budding artist herself, and she appreciates my cards even at 3 years old. I hear she carried around the Valentine’s Day card I made her last month for days and days showing it to people. Isn’t that sweet?


And to show that Riley IS in fact a little budding artist, here is some of her work. The first was made in December of 2009. She gave it to me while I was home visiting for Christmas. Riley made the others in March of this year. I received them in the mail one day. What a great surprise to get in the mail! It made my day! I absolutely love children’s artwork…especially my niece’s.

DSC06936 DSC06938 DSC06945 DSC06981