Friday, February 12, 2010

Olive Juice.

Over the past weekend I became inspired and pumped out 11 (yep, that’s right, E-LEV-EN) Valentine’s Day cards for my family and friends. That number, by the way, is a major record for me since I usually use up a full day making each card (I’m a slow and careful crafter). Considering the amount of Valentine’s Day cards I made and the amount of time it took me, I am pretty darn proud of myself. And this is because some of these cards can be lumped in the category of my all-time-favorite cards that I have ever made. So, on to the cards…

Such A Sweetheart Puppy LoveYou Are Sew Sweet Mwah!Owl Always Love You I'm Nuts For YouLove Is So Sweet Honey BunchI Love You A Latte Sugar Is Sweet DSC06407 DSC06414

From top left:

(1) “Such A Sweetheart” for my niece Riley, (2) “Puppy Love” for my best friend Stephanie, (3) “You Are Sew Sweet” for my mom, (4) “Mwah!” for my sister Kelsey, (5) “Owl Always Love You” for my uncle Bob and my aunt Mary Beth, (6) “I’m Nuts For You” for my cousin Sarah and her husband Chad, and (7) “Love Is So Sweet” for my cousin Emma, (8) “Honey Bunch” for my dad, (9) “I Love You A Latte” for my sister Ashley, (10) “Sugar Is Sweet” for my cousin Molly, (11) “Valentine’s Riddle” for my friend Jessica, and the inside of (12) “Valentine’s Riddle”.

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