Sunday, September 5, 2010

Maddy’s chompers.

My blogging is pretty random, just like my brain. Hope you don’t mind.

Right now, a priority in our household is our dog’s teeth. We got Madison from a shelter, so her health history and background is a mystery to us. That being said, we couldn’t have gotten luckier in finding her. She is pretty much the best dog you could ever ask for and we love her.

our little nugget

this picture makes me laugh

(top: Madison’s big brown eyes, bottom: a shaggy haired Madison wearing one of her daddy’s ties)

Back to the topic at hand though…Madison’s teeth. This miniature poodle has some bad chompers. Plaque. Chipped. One “dead” tooth. It’s not good. We wonder if she was abused by her prior owners or if she was just on the streets too long on her own.

before: at the shelterafter: groomed and going home with us

You can see just how bad her teeth are in the pictures below. In fact, in the photo on the right you can even see her chipped tooth. My poor baby.

In dogs, dental disease is a big deal. Tartar can build up on the teeth and cause a serious gum infection. This infection can spread to the heart valves and kidneys causing organ failure.

That is why Madison’s teeth worry us so much. Her veterinarian can clean them, but I worry about her being put under anesthesia with her being such a little dog. So, before taking that step, we are trying other things (i.e. brushing her teeth, special dental dog food, and dental treats).

right sideleft side

(I took these photos to compare how her teeth improve)

We were recommended Greenie’s dental chews by a neighbor. They use these daily and their dog has sparkling perfect teeth (note: this is NOT a sponsored post). Let me point out though, that their dog was not a rescue and never had the build-up Madison does.

Regardless, we are hoping they work for Madison. So far, she is actually eating them, so that’s a good start. Hopefully I’ll have some nice “after” photos to show in the future.


Credit (from top to bottom): The first photo was taken by me, the second, third, and fourth were taken by my love with his cell phone camera, the fifth and sixth were taken by me, and the seventh is a photo from Greenies own website of one of their dental chews.


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