Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hand-drawn greeting cards {part two}.

Onto part two of my hand-drawn cards from back in 2006. I am having a hard time believing that I actually found time to hand-draw each of these cards using colored pencils. I must have had a lot more creative energy back 4 years ago, to create each unique card design and spend all that time drawing with colored pencils.

Here are 7 more hand-drawn cards, made by me, in the very very beginning of my card-making adventures.

Thank you card - front - 2006, maybe April Thank you card - inside - 2006, maybe April Birthday card - front - 2006, May Birthday card - inside - 2006, May Birthday card - front - 2006, July Birthday card - inside - 2006, July Mother's day card - front - 2006, May Mother's day card - inside - 2006, May Get well card - front - 2006 Card - front - 2006 Birthday card - front - 2006, August

Countdown to my 100th blog post…this is post #98!

Credit: All cards hand-made and hand-drawn by me (Miss Jillian Designs) and all photos were taken by me as well.


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