Monday, October 18, 2010

Iron Cupcake Milwaukee – BOOze Challenge

My very talented cousin Sarah, and her co-worker Kathy, compete in Iron Cupcake Milwaukee challenges. I have to say, I’m pretty jealous of their cupcake baking chops and decorating skills. For some reason, I can bake a cupcake, but I cannot for the life of me master frosting.

Yesterday’s October Iron Cupcake Milwaukee theme was BOOze and the challenge was to “scare up something delicious inspired by your favorite cocktail.”

Gold Digger Cupcakes description

Sarah and Kathy used Goldschlager as their alcohol of choice and concocted some tasty Gold Digger Cupcakes made with a French vanilla base infused with Goldschlager cinnamon liqueur inside. The Goldschlager-infused cupcakes were topped with a cinnamon and Goldschlager buttercream frosting and were decorated with gold flecks.

Gold Digger Cupcakes made with Goldschlager

For their gold digger themed display, Sarah and Kathy draped their table in a shimmering gold tablecloth adorned with $100 and $20 bills, gold coins, a shovel (gold digger, get it?), and some glittery golden leaves. And they dressed themselves as gold diggers too!

Kathy and Sarah as gold diggers

Gold Digger display

Gold Digger display

Sarah and Kathy’s Gold Digger Cupcakes and matching display earned them second place for “best taste” and fifth place for “best display” in the overall judging by the public. They also won the celebrity judge Dear Ruthie’s choice for her favorite, winning them a goody bag full of Halloween cupcake liners, a baking cookbook, two t-shirts, and a bottle of wine. But perhaps the best compliment was that Dear Ruthie said that their Gold Digger Cupcakes really enveloped what Iron Cupcake is all about. Yay!

Sarah, Dear Ruthie, and Kathy

Oh how I wish I’m in town visiting during one of the upcoming Iron Cupcake Milwaukee competitions. If you are in the Milwaukee area, you should be sure to check out a competition too. The next challenge isn’t scheduled until January though, due to a short break for the holiday season. In the meantime, check out the Iron Cupcake Milwaukee blog and “Like” Iron Cupcake Milwaukee on Facebook.

UPDATE: Follow this link to a recap and photos of the event.

Credit: Photos provided by Sarah. Gold Digger Cupcakes and matching display made by Sarah and her co-worker Kathy.


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