Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trying something new…

Hit up the grocery store this weekend on a kick to try something new. Well, we’ve never had one of these in our house before. Meet the dragon fruit. Pretty right?

Our first idea was to use this beautiful dragon fruit for margarita madness at our house Sunday evening…but I didn’t know how to cut it and had to find a YouTube tutorial before attempting to butcher the lovely fruit. Instead we just stuck to a strawberry and mango combo (frozen-style to beat the heat) for our impromptu margarita party. Still very tasty!

I’ll be cutting into the dragon fruit soon (now that I know how) and can’t wait to taste what I’ve been missing my whole life. Since I’m new to this fruit, do any of you out there have any recipe suggestions? Any kind of recipe, from food to drink, will do. Or am I better off enjoying the goodness just cut into pieces and eating it alone?

Wish me luck!

Credit: Photo taken by me.


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