Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday Cards from 2-0-0-8

Here are some cards I made back in 2008.  We’re going way back here.

Since I originally created this blog as a way to display my handmade cards, and I can’t post my newest one for a few days (it needs to reach it’s recipients first), why not post some older ones?

And in a few short days, I will post a new anniversary card for your viewing pleasure.

Make Merry (Front) 9/2008Make Merry (Inside) 9/2008Happy Bird-day (Front) 11/29/2008Happy Bird-day (Inside) 11/29/2008Coffee Birthday (Front) 11/30/2008Coffee Birthday (Inside) 11/30/2008Sweet Birthday (Front) 11/30/2008Sweet Birthday (Inside) 11/30/2008

Credit: All cards handmade by me and all photos taken by me as well.


Miss Jillian

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