Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What We Did This Weekend.

We finally made it down to Huntington Dog Beach over the Labor day weekend. I’ve been really wanting to go, but the weather didn’t cooperate with our schedule…until now.

So we packed up a bunch of beach towels, sunscreen, water, and Madison’s toys and headed over to Dog Beach. The weather was a tad overcast, but it was perfect for our little dog who is very sensitive and gets hot really easily.

Madison is a people-watcher, so she seemed to enjoy the beach, the sand, and all the activity around her.


As you can see in the photos, she seems pretty happy to be outside at the beach. After all, she IS a California dog.

Now if we could only get her to like the water. I wish I would have caught a photo of how upset Madison was after we attempted to get her in the water…she was NOT a happy camper.

Credit: All photos taken by me.

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