Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shoot Along – It’s All About the Light

As I mentioned in previous posts (here and here), the Giver’s Log and Carrie Butler Photography have teamed-up and put together a Shoot Along complete with tips and tutorials to help people like me, to improve their photography skills.

And, as I also mentioned, I have fallen behind on a bunch of the tutorials and need to play some major catch-up.

Besides myself, I only have one other subject in this household during the day that has eyes. Which means that Madison was forced to be my model.

So out I dragged her from her comfortable spot under the couch.

Under the Couch

She yawned in preparation, only to lay right back down again in the sun. This dog of mine is not at all cooperative for photos let me tell ya.


This Shoot Along topic was all about lighting and how to find the best light for your shots. It’s a really great tutorial, so I recommend you give it a read (here) because it explains the concept really well.

Basically, the very edge of shade, facing out towards the sun is the best lighting. In this position faces illuminate, features are brought out, and light glitters in the eyes.

It’s hard to tell in my photos below, but I positioned my little poodle on the edge of the shade where the sunlight was coming in through the window. Outside would have been better, but that would have been next to impossible with just me and Madison…trying to get her to look…trying to keep her from wandering…trying to keep her from following me…ugh!

So, it’s hard to tell, but the sun was coming in toward her face in the photos even though it looks like her back was to the sunlight. With all her fur, it’s hard to see those eyes. But underneath all that, you can in fact see a glitter of sunlight in them. And that is a difficult task considering her eyes usually turn red or nearly see-through in photos.

Edge of Shade 1 Edge of Shade 2

And here, is what the same shot of Madison’s face looks like when she is completely in the shade. No halo of light. And definitely no real life to her eyes.

Full Shade

Well, those were my photos for the lighting tutorial. I’m still playing catch-up with the Shoot Along though. Next up is a tutorial on How to Boss Your Camera Around (or, How to Shoot in Manual). That should be a good one considering I don’t have a fancy dancy professional camera, only a little digital one.

Stay tuned!

Credit: All photos taken by me. Tutorial by Giver’s Log and Carrie Butler Photography.


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