Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If only I had all the money in the world…

Here are some lovely things I have seen lately.

I wonder if these adorable silver glitter sneakers are available in adult sizes because they might be the cutest sneakers I have ever seen.  If they don’t, I guess I may have to settle on a pair for my niece instead and live vicariously through her.


{Girls' Converse® Jack Purcell® glitter sneakers from J.Crew}

Think of all the clever things you could write and all the funny photos you could take with a thought bubble chalkboard.  The possibilities are endless.  And if you are planning a party or wedding, it would be the perfect prop for a photo booth.  I want one just because.


{Chalkboard Thought Bubble from redvelvetart.com}

This royal blue and grey v-neck sweater is yet another example of how addicted I am to stripes.  Plus with all the gloomy weather lately, this would make a nice addition to my closet and would keep me warm throughout all this rain.


{Striped ex-boyfriend sweater from Madewell}

I wish I had a place in my home or even a nice backyard to hang a chair like this.  It looks like the very perfect place to relax with a good book or just daydream the day away.


{Hanging chair via miss sitius}

Snowboarding season is quickly approaching and a helmet and goggles are at the top of my list of equipment I need this year.  I’ve looked around a lot in sporting good stores and on online retailers, and these are just about the cutest goggles I’ve found thus far.  I think they would complement my jacket and snowpants nicely too.


{VonZipper Chakra Goggles in Mondrian Pink/Bronze Pink via usoutdoorstore.com}

Credit: J.Crew, redvelvetart.com, Madewell, miss sitius, and usoutdoorstore.com.


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