Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hedgehog King Birthday Card

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Now, onto the card!

hedgehog + crown =

Hedgehog King birthday card

I made this card at the beginning of October for my uncle’s birthday. I hope you think it’s as cute as I do. I’ve been meaning to do a hedgehog card for a long time now. Finally it’s come to fruition

If you like it, I’ve made a second version of the card that will be available soon on my Etsy shop. It’s really only a matter of me putting together the listing. So keep an eye out, but I’ll be sure to write a post when it goes up for sale too. The second version is a “Hedgehog Queen” birthday card. It has all the same papers and colors, except the inside says “Hedgehog Queen” instead of “King.”

Here are some photos from the process of making this card. Starting from the original sketch, to finalizing the shapes, to constructing stencils of my creation.

original sketch finalized shapes

start of stencil stencil

And here’s the final product, with a view of the front and the inside. Enjoy!

Hedgehog King birthday card - FRONT Hedgehog King birthday card - INSIDE

UPDATE: For sale on Etsy here.

Credit: Hedgehog image. Crown image. Remaining photos taken by me. Card sketch, stencil, and final product by me as well.


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