Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Custom Invitations – “You Are Invited to the Club…”

Back in September I was commissioned to make custom invitations for a party my friend Stephanie was throwing.  The party theme was “Playboy Pajama Party” and the invites I created were made to reflect that theme.

For the front I cut-out a vintage Playboy Club bunny’s silhouette from black cardstock paper flecked with lots of glittering silver specks.  A black linen border was added for an added accent.  I decorated the back of the invitation with Playboy bunny ears and a Hugh Hefner-esque pipe made from the same shimmery black cardstock.

You can see photos of my handiwork below.  I hope you like the invitations!

I wish I had some event photos to show you as well, but alas, the party was canceled.  Boo!

 Playboy Pajama Party invitation - Front

Playboy Pajama Party invitation - Back

Playboy Pajama Party invitation - Front 

Playboy Pajama Party invitation - Back 

Playboy Pajama Party invitations - paper 

Playboy Pajama Party invitations - packaging

All invitations in the set were hand-made, hand-cut, and hand-glued.  The event details were printed onto the invitations using an inkjet printer.  Normally I would write the details by hand, but in this case the paper was a little too thick for me to transfer the chosen font (via

For more information you can see my previous post regarding these custom invitations here and here.  You can see the original Etsy listing here.

And please contact me via missjilliandesigns{at}gmail{dot}com or via my Etsy shop using the “contact” option in the left-hand column if you are interested in commissioning custom invitations for your own event.

Credit: All photos taken by me.  Invitations created and handmade by me as well.  Wording for invitations by event planner Stephanie Larson of Pink Parfait Events.  For more information about Stephanie Larson and Pink Parfait’s event planning services see my post here.


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