Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fun at the OC Fair

The fair, whether it be the county fair or the state fair, is a time-honored summer tradition around the country. Growing up in Wisconsin, we had the Wisconsin State Fair. Now living here in southern California, we have the OC Fair.

Both are basically the same thing. Overpriced games and rides. Overpriced food in quantities big enough to feed a small family. Exhibits filled with the talents of amazing locals. Lots and lots of vendors offering crazy products for sale. Don’t forget the cute and fuzzy farm animals.

I was unaware, but apparently the theme of this year’s OC Fair was “Let’s Eat!” That’s a pretty appropriate theme when you can’t walk 2 feet without running into another colorful booth selling Fried Oreos or Fried Klondike Bars or even Fried Kool-Aid! I happened to read some stats today that said 2011 fairgoers ate 2,000 Fried Frog’s Legs, 3,000 Chocolate-Covered Corn Dogs, 10,000 Funnel Cakes, 10,000 servings of Fried Avocados, 75,000 Texas-Size Turkey Legs, and 125,000 servings of Totally Fried Kool-Aid. That’s a lot of balls of Fried Kool-Aid!

We certainly partook in some of that gluttony. That’s what the fair's for, isn’t it?

"Texas-size" Turkey Leg {My love’s fair dinner. A “Texas-size” turkey leg.}

"Texas-size" Turkey Leg  {My love had been talking about getting a “Texas-size” turkey leg for days, but barely could finish any of it.}

"Colossal" Onion Rings {My fair dinner. “Colossal” onion rings.}

Totally Fried Kool-Aid {Me in front of the booth selling “Totally Fried Kool-Aid”.}

Alpacas  {Alpacas. The black one is kind of creepy and kept staring at me and my camera.}

Baby Angora Goat{A super cute baby angora goat stepping in its food dish.}

Big Ol' Piggy  {A big ol’ pig. Love the “Elvis” curl to its lip.}

Cows {Love me some cows…happy cows come from California Wisconsin.}

Baby Goats  {My favorite! Adorable baby goats.}

I'm #1!{In the car after the fair showing off my winnings.}

Madison and her prize are the same size!  {The prize we brought home for Madison is the same size she is!}

Credit: All photos taken by me at the OC Fair. Food statistics via an OC Fair press release.


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