Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go Pack Go!!!

In honor of football season beginning, and of course, the Packers playing later today…here is a little montage of photos from Packers games my love and I have been to over the years.

@ Chargers - MissJillianDesigns

(Packers vs. Chargers preseason game @ San Diego, August 2006)

@ Packers - MissJillianDesigns

(My dad and I, Packers vs. Cardinals @ Lambeau, October 2006)

@ Packers - MissJillianDesigns

(Packers vs. Cardinals @ Lambeau, October 2006)

@ 49ers - MissJillianDesigns

(Packers vs. 49ers @ Candlestick in San Fran, December 2006)

@ Seahawks - MissJillianDesigns

(Packers vs. Seahawks @ Seattle, October 2008)

I can’t believe I haven’t been to a game since Seattle!

Credit: All photos by me.


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