Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Completed Stuffed Cupcake Barrette

Yesterday I posted about a Stuffed Cupcake Barrette I was working on (you can see that post here).  It’s stuffed with fiberfill and sprinkled with some white iridescent bugle beads.

Today I finished making the Stuffed Cupcake Barrette with assistance of some wonderful helpers who suggested the base color of brown.  Thank you to my helpers!  I really appreciate your input.

I think the barrette turned out really cute!  It really exceeded my expectations.  And love how the brown looks with the pink and blue cupcake.  What do you think?

Stuffed Cupcake Barrette

Once I get this Stuffed Cupcake Barrette packaged nicely, I’ll be adding it to my Etsy shop.  I’ll let you know with another post when that happens.

Credit: Photo taken by me.  Photo editing by me using Photoshop.  Felt cupcake sewn by me as well.


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